Auto Recycling in Blaine, MN

J & M Auto Recycling: Turn Your Junk Car into Cash


     When your old car dies, getting rid of it doesn't have to be a hassle. J&M Auto Recycling offers the quality auto recycling that Blaine, MN needs. We turn owning a junk car into an asset.

We not only pay good money for your junk car, but we will also come to your home, give you cash, and tow your vehicle to our facility. It's that simple. Your driveway will be clear, your neighbors will be happy and you will have money to put toward a new car or some other need.

If your car is driveable, you can also bring it to us. We will take care of the transaction on the spot so you can leave quickly and get on with your day. All we require is a clean and clear title for the car or truck you are selling.

J&M has the expertise to properly recycle these vehicles, including safely disposing of the toxic fluids they contain. We take pride in our business and our service to the community.

     Founded in 1996 by Mike Novitsky, we have always focused on customer service. We are a family-owned enterprise that does honest and responsible work. Our offers are quite competitive, so you can be certain that you are receiving top dollar for your old vehicle.

Our mission doesn't stop with auto recycling in Blaine, MN. We also participate in the community. We work with local groups and non-profits in order to encourage area growth and to promote clean cities. We want the best for our community and its residents.

If your battery dies or you lock yourself out of the car, call us. Our services include lockout services and jump starts as well as general towing services. We can also recycle those dangerous old batteries that may be disintegrating in your garage. We do our best to help you and your family stay safe and on the road.

J & M Auto Recycling can turn your clunker into cold hard cash. Your car may not run anymore, but it can still be an asset. Call us for more information or to set up an appointment to sell your car. We are your premier auto recycling in Blaine, MN. Ask us about our other services or how we can help you clean up your space by disposing of your vehicle fast and safley.