Checking Your Oil the Right Way with J&M

Grab a clean rag or lint free cloth and let's get on the road :-)

It is pretty common knowledge that oil maintenance is very important for the life of your vehicle. Checking your oil IS very important, but equally important, is doing it the correct way.

First make sure you drive your vehicle for awhile to make sure that the engine gets warm. This can often be determined with the temperature gauge. Once everything is flowing and warm, find a nice level spot to park and shut off your vehicle. Pop the hood and locate your dipstick (often yellow or orange on newer vehicles).

Next, let’s grab that clean rag or lint free cloth and clean off the dipstick after pulling it out. Most dipsticks have indicator lines to show where your oil is at, and whether it is at a safe level or if you need to add oil.

If your oil level is on or below the “add” / “fill” line, carefully add 1/4 to 1/2 quart of oil into the reservoir opening. Wait a couple of minutes and if you're car is still low, add more as needed.

It is important to never over fill your oil reservoir. This, like not enough oil, can lead to potential problems with your vehicle.

Problems with your vehicle? We are here if you or a loved one ever has a vehicle breakdown on the side of the road. If you are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and need a Tow, give J&M Auto Recycling and Towing a call. We will get you home safe.