Winterize and Strategize Minnesota

Hello again MN Friends! It’s about that time again! Today we will be talking about how to Winterize and Strategize for the lovely season to come. Getting you car ready for winter is a great strategy for a success cold season. Here are some more tips from J&M Auto Recycling and Towing to help you get ready for the Minnesota winter.

TIP #1

A) Tires are important.

Don’t trust your gut by visually checking to see if the tires are inflated. Take the extra step and use a pressure gauge and keep your tires inflated at the recommended PSI found on your tire. Check for any bulging, nails, cracks and tears in the rubber. Please do not neglect that tread on the tires for traction. Pretty simple process here. If your tread is low, so is your traction in the snow and on the roads. It is good practice to check the tires year-round. Tire quality and pressure can lead to safer driving and also help your vehicle get better gas milage.

B) Four wheel drive check (if applicable).

Often times the 4WD doesn't get checked or used until the snow is here and we need it. That is of course true for those that don't do any off roading or mudding in the warmer seasons. ;-) Make sure to check the system is working properly before you need it in the MN cold. It doesn’t hurt to do a proper test run and at some point take it in to a trusted mechanic to verify the 4WD is working properly. If you're new to the area, or don’t already have a mechanic that you trust, contact J&M and we will get you in touch with some great folks that are tried and true. Lastly if you have friend’s or family that may not be familiar with engaging their 4WD, now is a great time to learn + brush up on the process. There are some great videos and HOW-TO directions on how to do this on all vehicles. Email us if you would like some information about the HOW-TO on a 4WD vehicle.

C) If you get stuck or if you are running out of driveway space we can help you save face.

If you, or a loved one is in a pinch, give J&M a call. We are here to serve Minneapolis and the Twin Cities areas for all of your towing and auto recycling needs. We provide cash for junk cars and can tow you to a safe place. Thanks for stopping by, and please share with your loved ones for a safe driving this MN winter.

Stay connected for more tips to come!