Winter Parking, Snow Emergencies, and Towing, oh my!

Good things to know when in MN

On December 30th, 2015 in the Twin Cities on there were almost 1500 vehicles towed during the Snow Emergency. Many of the folks that found themselves at the Minneapolis or St. Paul impound lots the claimed there wasn’t enough snow to justify an emergency. That topic still up for debate for a lot of people, but nevertheless it is important to pay attention to the Snow Emergencies and the parking restrictions that come with them. You can receive text notifications, emails and even get more information on Facebook as reminders to keep you from getting stuck at the impound lots.

A lot of the local on three parking restrictions began in the first part of November. In Columbia Heights the restrictions are: No parking on city streets 2:00 am to 6:00 am, November 1 to April 1.

No parking on city streets after a 3" s now fall until street is plowed curb to curb.

No parking on city streets for longer than six hours. Minneapolis has their info on their website so you can avoid an unexpected tow. The website goes over parking rules, and details for Snow Emergencies.

Then of course there are the times, you will NEED a tow and it have nothing to do with off street parking regulations and snow emergencies. So for everything else, if you find yourself on the side of the road and needing a tow…give J&M Auto Recycling and Towing. We are here to help. Don’t forget! If you need more space in your driveway or garage and want to get some cash for a junk car. We can come tow it free and get some cash in your hand for your clunker to free up some space.