Need a Local Tow?

Need a local tow near the Minneapolis area?

We are J & M Auto Recycling and Towing, and are dedicated to serving our local Minneapolis community. Our dedicated and hard working drivers are what help us to bring you the best possible tow service whenever you’re in need. Our family owned and operated business is here for the long haul (no pun intended) and plan to keep you moving through the tough times for years to come.

Our goal is to keep our towing services affordable for the local community. Our trucks are reliable and top notch, and we can say the same about our drivers! With a small family owned business such as ours, it’s not hard to keep friendly working staff who love their jobs, and love to serve you.

Aside from towing, we also specialize in auto recycling. Our drivers will come same day to pick up your junker, and will do residential or commercial auto mechanic pick-ups as well. On the subject of recycling, when tossing out old batteries, it’s not recommended to just throw them in the trash heap for regular curb side pick-up. Batteries contain toxic chemicals that if not disposed of properly, can contaminate soil and water. That’s why we offer battery disposal. Just give us a call and we’ll dispose of your old vehicle batteries, but be sure to check our requirements before requesting a pick up.

We have been in business in the twin cities metropolitan area for over 10 years and want to ensure that we serve you and yours to the best of our ability. We’re friendly, prompt, reliable and we strive to keep our prices as low as possible in order to serve you. We hope that when you need a tow or recycling service, that you call on us to bring you the quickest tow service in town.