Us and Auto Recycling Fun Facts

Hello again friends! J & M hopes you had a great + safe Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for all who have served and made sacrifices for the freedoms we get to enjoy every day. We just wanted to connect with you and talk a little about who we are and what we do. We have been active in our community for over 30 years, helping to serve Minneapolis and the Twin cites areas in many different ways. We recently participated (again) in our local highway clean up with the Columbia Heights Lions. We provided safety for the volunteers with our tow trucks, and participated in cleaning up the highways one piece of trash at a time. As we are a family owned and operated business we have found tremendous value in serving our community, and that includes all of our generations in our family.

Today we wanted to touch on the value in auto recycling. Of course, it is a great benefit to clean up some space at your home, garage, and driveway. A little spring cleaning is great if done the right way. A lot of people find us while searching online for a place that gives money for a junk car. We offer free towing to come pick up the vehicle and will give you cash on the spot for your junker. These are great but there are many more benefits, than perhaps you never though of…

Did you know recycling your vehicle helps the environment? There was a recent study done by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that reports some interesting statistics for recycling metal and other elements found in vehicles. When you recycle metal, takes about 75% less energy than it takes to make new steel. Your vehicle, when recycled, has quite a bit of steel and other metals that can be broken down and reused. By recycling you vehicle you are conserving energy and helping the environment while getting cash for your car and clearing up space! Now that is cool! Do you live in the Minneapolis area and have a car you want to junk out? Feel free to share this with a friend, or give us a call to recycle your vehicle, and help do your part to conserve energy, while making the Minnesota an even better place! J & M Auto Recycling has the right people to help you with the process and makes it extremely easy and convenient with same day pick up.