Did you know?

Did you know that there about ONE MILLION vehicles (cars and trucks) are scrapped every year? Do you know what kind of impact car recycling has had on the environment? Many people will run in to a situation where they have a vehicle that isn’t running, too expensive to repair, and they just don’t know what to do. So the vehicle sits in the garage, driveway or backyard as an eye sore and taking up valuable space. Sometimes it’s a result of an auto accident (or multiple accidents), but often times it can be a matter of never getting around to, or finding the time to get the vehicle up and running again. It’s ok, WE CAN HELP. J & M knows that letting a vehicle sit too long, without use, can open up the door for all kinds of mechanical issues, merely adding to the repair cost and labor. Sometimes you need a way out and that’s where we come in.

Long before recycling became a popular and hip practice, J & M Auto Recycling has been removing junk cars for our customers in the Minneapolis area. For over 30 years we have been recycling salvageable elements from vehicles and practicing proper disposal of toxins. The process for you, is simple, and looks a little like this. You call or email us, we show up to your location, tow away junk car(s) or vehicle(s) for FREE, and before we go, we give YOU cash.

This industry of auto recycling is environmentally friendly and strictly regulated to ensure that salvageable parts are saved, recycled and reused. Additionally, each recycled car contains an average of about 7 gallons of toxic chemicals and fluids that could be toxic to the environment, and needs to be disposed of properly. The precious metals we have on earth are limited and our process is to ensure that these metals from you junk vehicle are recycled and reused instead of ending up in a landfill.

Improper disposal of things like car batteries, tires, and chemicals can make a negative impact in our community, country and planet. This can easily lead to toxins like gasses going in to the air, ground and water that can effect everyone and and every living thing. We care about the environment as it impacts us directly, our community and our loved ones. J & M is happy to be a resource for you to clean up your property and help you dispose of your unwanted vehicles responsibly. Free towing, responsible recycling, cash for junk cars + junk trucks, and a decluttering your property. Call (612) 759-9039 or Email quote@jmautorecycling.com and we will be happy to serve you with our fast, top of the line customer service. J & M Auto Recycling: Free quotes, Free towing, Freeing up Your Space, and Cash in Your Pocket.